Monday, September 5, 2016

Floss Like A Boss: Take the 31-Day Floss Challenge

This is what 31 consecutive days of flossing looks like:  Golden smiles and a Golden Floss Award

Like clockwork, my husband and I would suddenly start flossing a few days before each of our bi-annual dental checkups.  And just as predictably, we would come back home and report to each other that our dentist said we need to floss more.  We really wanted to floss and give our kids the habit of flossing, but it just wasn't happening.  We would floss once every few days at best and once every couple weeks at worst.  It felt like a chore and we couldn't seem to remember to do it.

Floss Inspo seen at my dentist's office

Sunday, August 21, 2016

How to make a design magazine-worthy stool/table with $5 and an hour of your time

With $5 dollars in materials, a 5 year old and a 5 gallon bucket you can make this cool stool.

Written by Rob:

We wanted a small table/plant stand for our small balcony.  Our style is somewhat minimalist and we found options like this $250 side table from CB2 and this $250 Marcel Wanders stool as we shopped around online.  Then, we wondered if could make something cool ourselves.  We stumbled upon the "bucket stool" diy project online and the stool fit the bill.  We like the stool, which can be used indoors or outdoors and is compact.  Here's how to make it with our tips and lessons learned.

STEP 1:  Get the materials from any hardware store
-1 five gallon cylindrical bucket
-3, 16-inch long wooden dowels (~ΓΈ1.5")
-3 plumbing caps to fit dowels (optional)
-1 wire coat hanger
-1 bag of cement

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Top 10 Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Small Kids

I love the spirit of Brazil.  Before I was married, I lived on an island near Rio called Ilha Grande for just long enough to travel around a lot of the country, but not long enough to understand or be affected by the country's politics, economy, etc. My husband and I visited Brazil before we had kids.  Today, my son learns capoeira and learns Brazilian Portuguese, so we all enjoy Brazilian culture in our lives.  We took the kids (ages 2.5 years and almost 5 years at the time) and visited the country during spring break this year, about a hundred days before the Olympics started.

Here is my quick Top 11 list of things to do with kids during a 4-day trip to Rio de Janeiro.  We stayed in two fantastic airbnb apartments, one a block away from the beach in Ipanema and the other in the hillside neighborhood of Santa Teresa.  The neighborhoods have completely different vibes and I think it's worth staying in both.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weave be jammin': how to create gentle NYC street art

Usually, New York City street art means graffiti.  Sometimes, space invaders.  You usually don't think weavings when you think street art.  

But, I saw some weavings in a Brooklyn park and they made me want to make my own version and put them on the street.  The above weavings were made by my friend and I (mine's on the left). 

I haven't woven (is that the word?) since, oh, the 4th grade.  Based on my memory of how to weave, I improvised a little system using tape and a tray.  You can google all sorts of helpful weaving tutorials, though.

Wine and weaving night...or should I say wine and weave-ening...was a blast.  Making stuff and putting it on the street is surprisingly satisfying.  I highly recommend trying it yourself and/or with your kids.

Wine and weaving, a nice combination!

Taking our work to the streets

Adding a little surprise to the street was fun

I spied a class of elementary school students enjoying our weavings outside my window.  How fun!
So, the weavings that I saw hung in a neighborhood park, which inspired our weavings, were made by students at Textile Arts Center last summer, in a class taught by artist Neil Goss.  Thank you, Neil, for inspiring creativity. These are Neil's students' weavings that made me want to do my own version:

Suddenly, weavings seemed to be everywhere.  Shortly after we made our street weavings, the friend I made a weaving with sent me this picture from Colson Patisserie, also in our neighborhood.

Weavings displayed at Colson Patisserie after my friend and I made ours (photo by Elena)