Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The 10 Best and Most Useful Gifts for a 6-Month Old Baby

So many useful topics get covered on my local parents' listserv.  The other day, someone asked the community for the most useful gift ideas for a six-month old baby.  Since my son Greyson is almost six months-old and I am thinking about Christmas gifts, I was very interested in seeing the responses. 

The mom who threw the original question out to the thousands of parents on the listserv posted a summary of the responses she got.  I want to share with you my interpretation and edit of the summary and my own ideas.

Six months is a really interesting time because babies are on the cusp of many fun developments:  sitting up, crawling, eating, teeth, clapping, saying their first word, etc.  Many of the items on this gift ideas list addresses the particular developmental stage of a six-month old.

The best gifts for a six-month old baby are...

1.  Gift certificates for classes and museum memberships
At six-months, babies are social and interested in people, especially other babies.  A gift certificate for music class or swimming class is a super fun idea.  Another option is to give a one-year membership to a local children's museum, zoo, or YMCA, etc.  Living in New York, I really appreciate great gifts that don't take up much space.  Plus, gift certificates to classes and museums are gifts that keep on giving.

2.  Food and feeding-related items
Most babies are introduced to solids around six months and soon begin drinking from sippy cups.  Gift ideas include a Beaba, high chair, spoons, cups and bibs.  (I got the Beaba as a gift, which I can't wait to use, and we also have the below Fast Table Chair.)

Check out the rest of the top 10 gift ideas list after the jump!

3.  Any toys that help and promote crawling, standing or walking
I didn't know there were toys made specifically made to encourage crawling, so this is something I want to learn more about.

4.  Toys that are "stackable" or "sortable" as kids this age like them

5.  Bath toys and something to hold the toys in the bath

6.  Shoes (Robeez seem to be really popular, but I've never tried them), and Trumpette socks
Those socks actually stay on babies' feet.  We have the fake Vans style, which we had to get because my husband is a loyal Vans wearer.

7.  Nicer clothes
Before our baby was born, we went to town during a post-season Ralph Lauren baby sale online.  We also went to a few Petit Bateau and Jacadi sample sales.  I'd rather buy fewer things that are higher quality than more things that are of inferior quality. 

8.  Music to sing/dance to
I have no idea who this Raffi is, but people on the listserv mentioned him.

9.  Books

10.  Teethers
Our baby who is just over five months old just had his two bottom teeth start coming in.  We are using the baby oragel stuff, but he definitely needs his teething toys.

At the end of the day, however, maybe you don't need to buy any of these things for your baby.  You could just look around the house and yard for the "five best toys of all time."

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