Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: "Babies and Books" at the Brooklyn Public Library

Hypnotized babies at Babies and Books at the Brooklyn Public Library

I love seeing my baby in classes/storytimes because he really gets into it and enjoys being around other babies.  I try to go to a baby thing for Greyson once a day.  Where else can he suck on colorful maracas (that have been sucked on by 100 other babies)?

So, I've been wanting to check out the story times for babies at the central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library for months.  But, the library is just far enough away for it to not be on my radar on a daily basis.  Also, I had heard there was a ticketing process and that the slots filled up quickly, so I thought it might be a hassle.  I didn't want to get into a stroller jousting battle with other Park Slope moms to get into story time.

How Babies and Books works after the jump!

The schedule for Babies and Books seems to change seasonally, so check the calendar for the most current information.  Right now Babies and Books is on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 and 10:30 am.  I showed up at 10:15 for the 10:30 slot and got a ticket at the "juvenile desk" in the children's area.  The woman at the desk said that you generally can get a ticket if you show up 15 or 20 minutes before the story time.

Besides participating in story time, you get free baby books for going.  The story time is part of a program called "Reading is Fundamental" (RIF) and when you sign up for the story time, you are joining RIF, I guess.  As part of RIF, you get a free book when you join and then you get a free book every third visit. 
Picking out a free book for joining RIF (Reading is FUNdamental)
After we picked out our book, we went to story time, which lasted 30 minutes.  I like that the library offers sessions that are geared specifically towards infants (and not just toddlers).  Like, the books and songs were really simple and baby-ish.  We go to story times at the Y and those are great, but they're definitely more for toddlers.

Can we come again next week?


  1. Love the pictures! Sydney and our nanny got there too late to get tickets this week, but maybe you will run into them another time.

    1. Looked for Sydney today at the 10:30 sesh, but didn't see her! Next time!