Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Rowan Big Wool Chunky, Soft Merino Wool Yarn

Here's my review of Rowan Big Wool after knitting a baby blanket, two adult scarves and a baby scarf with it.

Pros: Chunky, fluffy and knits fast.  I like how it's sits on the neck as a scarf, and after 10 wears, it hasn't deflated, lost any of its shape or stretched out at all.

Cons:  Not as ultra soft as I had hoped. Also, I washed the baby scarf in super cold water and dried it flat.  It almost felted up from the cold wash, which surprised me.  The instructions say to "hand wash normal," so I can't imagine why the cold water of the washer would have shrunk up the yarn so much.  I know I didn't hand wash it, but still.  I was able to unravel the scarf, so I'm going to make it again, but narrower.  I am glad I didn't try washing any of the other things I made.

So, I'd say that the yarn is great for a baby blanket or other item where the yarn won't be right on the skin.  It's not as great for scarves if you want something super soft.  My husband likes his scarf a lot and says it doesn't itch at all.  I've worn his scarf and I agree that the yarn isn't itchy, but I was hoping that the yarn would be quite soft since it's merino wool.  I don't regret making scarves with the yarn, but I will look for something as chunky but softer if I knit another scarf.

Any suggestions for what that yarn should be?  Let me know in the comments! 

All of the above projects were made with Rowan Big Wool in the color Oxidised (59).


  1. Thanks for this. Just looking for reviews of this yarn as a blanket will be a pricey project. I was thinking of garter stitch which you've used for the baby blanket and it looks like I'd hoped it would. :-)
    Thanks for taking the time to review and post photos.
    (So wierd that a NY family blog can help a random mum in Scotland, UK - gotta love the Internet!)

  2. Hi Happy Mama, How'd did your blanket turn out? Were you happy with the yarn? I'm glad my post helped you out a little.