Friday, February 3, 2012

That's It. I'm Taking Off My Maternity Leggings

None of these pants have a stretchy panel!  Whoo for real pants!
Since a month after my now 7-month old son Greyson was born, I have been saying that I need to stop wearing maternity stuff.  Wearing maternity clothes keeps my mind and body in maternity mode.  In maternity world, I eat cake once a week.  In maternity world, I used my belly as a plate holder.

I knew I had to get rid of the leggings with the stretchy belly panels, even though they were still comfortable on me.

But not until about three weeks ago, did I take action.  One morning I woke up and it just hit me.  This has got to stop!  I have to get real clothes!  I can't keep dressing like (and feeling like) a pregnant lady.  I had promised my husband that I wouldn't become a Park Slope mom, whatever that means.  My husband supported my mission by giving me his credit card.  I didn't say no to that!

Here's me discussing why maternity leggings on a non-pregnant lady is plain wrong:

How I happily spent $650 on clothes after pretty much two years of minimal clothes shopping after the jump.  With pictures of the loot.

So, off I went to Soho for some clothes shoppping.  My main mission was real pants since I basically haven't bought pants in two years. 

The first store I thought to go to for basic pants was J. Crew.  I felt like Rip Van Winkle...where do I start?  I had a salesgirl help me, but I didn't find any pants that worked for me at J. Crew.  The next stop was Club Monaco, where I found two pairs of pants!   Then I went to Zara and H&M where I found a pair of pants at each of those stores!  I was starting to notice that most stores are carrying leggings-related looks.  OK, fine.  As long as they're not maternity leggings.

I got four pairs of pants, so I moved onto tops.  I got two awesome cashmere sweaters at Club Monaco.  Creamy dreamy sweaters.  Can't get enough cashz in my life. 

There wasn't anything for me at A.P.C. or Rag & Bone, so I went to Uniqlo and got a striped Oxford shirt and a striped tunic.  I am a stripe addict and held off all day on buying anything striped, but at the last store, I couldn't help myself.  It is an addiction.  I probably have 75 striped things in my closet.  And I buy stripes for Rob and Greyson, so...yeah.  We gots stripes.

Anyway, my day of shopping felt really good.  Usually the last place I want to be on a Saturday is Soho, where the crowds are huge and hugely annoying.  But, I was on a mission and got into the zone.  After shopping I felt like, OK, I am really shedding my pregnancy aura, physically and mentally.  It was like I was declaring that I wouldn't ever be one of those moms who just doesn't care about their appearance anymore, which is scary. 

I got four pairs of pants (one grey pair from Zara not pictured), two sweaters and two tops. Real clothes!

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