Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things I've Googled Lately: Was the Chicken Who Laid My Egg Happy?

This week, my mind has been on sleep, nutrition, languages and cooking.  I guess that stuff is on my mind every week, they have prompted many googling adventures lately.  Here are some of the things that I've looked up:
  • Is it the total amount of sleep that matters or amount of nap time plus nighttime sleep? Greyson has been taking some 30-minute naps, which was stressing me out.  I called my pediatrician who said that Greyson was getting the perfect amount of sleep and not to worry about the shorter naps.  Also, I was glad to see this on the sleep site: Always keep in mind that your baby’s total sleep in a day will stay relatively constant, so a baby who sleeps 12 hours (some even more), it will directly impact how much sleep she may or may not need during the day. If her average total sleep is 13 1/2 hours then that means she may split 1 1/2 hours into 2-3 naps, for example. That means if you have a 6 month old who takes three naps, you might be looking at three 30-minute catnaps, if she’s sleeping 12 hours at night.

  • Is tofu bad for you?  I just can't go with this one because my people eat tofu daily and they are really healthy.
Click for the rest of the list.
  •  What are the healthiest legumes?  This site was the first search result.  I want to give Greyson a lot of variety, including beans and stuff.
  • How do you get burnt stuff off the bottom of a Le Creuset dutch oven?  Will dishwasher liquid overnight work as this site suggests? 
  • That New York Times piece about the healthiest foods people forget to eat.  I have revisited this list many times since it first ran because I always forget what all is on the list.  I was reminded of the list because we started putting a handful of beets in our daily smoothies last week. 
  •  How much should my baby be eating?  The answer seems to be as much as the baby wants.  I think Greyson eats like 6 to 8+ tablespoons of food twice a day, on top of breastfeeding every 3 hours.  He eats well, so I wanted to see if the websites agreed with me.
  • What U.S. stores carry the widest selection of Cornishware?  I didn't find the answer after emailing the Cornishware people.  We've gotten our stuff, which I love, from Stonewall Kitchen, but they don't have much stuff.

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