Sunday, March 18, 2012

Barefoot and Happy

I overheard a mom say that she had to get shoes for her baby (who's not walking yet), so he didn't look like he was poor and uncared for, or something to that effect.  I understand what she meant.  That very day I had decided to let my baby feel the fresh air on his toes.

Before I left the house, I wondered for a second if I should put socks on his feet, so he looked dressed.  I decided against it, though.  I thought, I'd love to be barefoot today.  I think kids should be barefooted as much as possible.  They have their wholes lives ahead of them to wear shoes.  And I mean, my baby who's 8 months old can't even walk yet.  I supposed you could argue for foot protection at this age, but you could argue as much for hand protection since he's on his feet as much as his hands.

A lot of people seem to apply adult cultural and behavioral norms to babies.  Am I the only one who thinks it's silly when parents of newborns apologize for having their babies in pajamas instead of real clothes.  I mean, they're babies.  Who cares?

Oh, well.  Until Greyson's walking, he's going to enjoy lots of warm, barefoot days.

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