Friday, March 2, 2012

Talking About My Husband's Banana Bunker

This was my funny stocking stuffer for Rob two Christmases ago.  It's a Banana Bunker.  We had joked about its purpose when we saw it at the MoMA design store, so even though I don't like receiving gag gifts, I couldn't help but get this for him.

Well, this thing turned out to be really useful!  It molds to the shape of pretty much any banana and you don't ever worry about bruising the banana in your bag.

Rob, who is banana lover, actually used it every day for almost a year when it cracked.  I ended up being able to get a new Bunker for free, though, since it was less than a year old.  The new version must have been improved because it's a softer, more flexible plastic.  Also, when we bought ours, they only had the clear version, but now they come in a variety of colors.

If you think the one that the MoMA carries looks funny, check out this one that we saw in Thailand a few years ago.

So, if you're a banana lover, I'd highly recommend the Banana Bunker.

Stefan Sagmeister's wall of bananas at Deitch a few years ago

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