Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You might need to hose down your baby after this

Greyson blending in with the Tot Lot.  He must be on a stealth mission.

What do you do with a baby when he's too small to appreciate a regular playground and it's too nice to be inside?  Trot him on over to the Tot Lot!

The Y's open play space has been great for us when it's cold or rainy outside.  All that padding on that big gym floor makes me worry less about Greyson hitting his head.  He gets his free crawl on there.

Walk into this entrance on Prospect Park West at Garfield Place and the Tot Lot will be on your right

BUT, the weather has been so amazing this week!  You can only do so much swinging on the big kids playground.  I've also enjoyed going running with Greyson, but it's passive for him.  So, we went to the Tot Lot yesterday, which I had never thought of before since it didn't look that fun when I had passed by it before.  The Tot Lot is right inside Prospect Park at Garfield Place, which is one street north of 1st Street.  I can see the appeal's all small scale and babies can crawl around on it.  There's just enough stuff for them to explore and climb onto, but nothing is higher than 18 inches off the ground.

Click for my review in pictures!

Little ramp for little babies.  And the wood is smooth, so no splinters.

Babies can't slip through the bars here like they can at the big kids playground

The steps are just high enough to get the babies climbing and cruising

The slide is low, so babies can try to climb up it

What's not to love about a mirror

There are baby-height grab bars everywhere

         Georgia the Westie got in on the fun since it's not an enclosed playground (I moved her to the side, though, when other people showed up)

Making friends on the padded mat that surrounds the playground area

The only downside is dirty hands and feet from the rubber mat (not the wood, though)

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