Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pet Sounds: Public Art That Doesn't Bite, Just Purrs

Please DO touch!  Greyson only likes art he can touch and lick.

I love the serendipitous nature of walking around New York City.  A few days ago, a stroll that was supposed to take us from a restaurant to a furniture store, turned into an adventure where we discovered new stores, new fragrances and new art.

Just when Greyson was started to get tired from sitting in his stroller, we stumbled upon an interactive art installation called Pet Sounds by Charles Long in Madison Square Park.  The sculptures that look like big blobs make sounds and music when you touch them.  Fun! 

I'd definitely recommend stopping by for a Pet Sounds break if you're in the area.  Just remember that no living pets are allowed, though.  Ha!

Pet the blob and enjoy the park and the view of the Empire State Building

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Graphic Content Warning! Keith Haring: 1978-1982

You may not realize it, but this is graphic content!
There was a sign warning us that parents should preview the exhibit if they had any concerns about the graphic nature of Keith Haring's work.  Since Greyson wasn't even 10 months old when we went to the exhibit on April 21, I wasn't concerned.

Although, I wonder if I'd ever be worried enough where I felt the need to preview an exhibit before Greyson could see a major art exhibit.  Rob and I hope to expose Greyson to a lot of great art, which does sometimes include nudity and adult subjects.  I imagine we'll approach any sensitive subjects seen in art as they come up.  I'm sure we'll have some many awkward conversations where we comically stumble through explanations.

When I saw this piece, I thought, a heart--how sweet!  Not until we got home did I see the two erections looking as if they are about to impale my husband and child.  I guess that's what they meant about adult content.

Click to read more about what you can expect if you take your baby to see Keith Haring:  1978-1982 at the Brooklyn Museum.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

All-Inclusive Vacations for People Who Don't Do All-Inclusive Vacations

When I was in junior high and high school, my parents took me and my brother on several mass-market cruises.  I loved being on the water and in the sun, but those cruises often felt like I was trapped in a floating suburban shopping mall.  I never thought I'd go on a cruise as an adult for that reason, and since those cruises were all-inclusive, I also figured I would never take an "all-inclusive vacation" as an adult either.

Well, it's 2012 and we just went on an all-inclusive vacation with our 10-month old.  And liked it!

What can I say.  Babies change things.

Check out the top 10 reasons I think all-inclusive vacations are just the right kind of vacation for new parents with babies after the jump.  Also read the three cons of all-inclusives!