Friday, January 25, 2013

Toddler Activity Time: Pour Some Beans on Me

There is some serious concentration going on here

I'm really interested in sensory play for Greyson, so I checked out this book Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child from the library.  The book has tons of activities that encourage the development toddlers' brains, and there are so many that I want to try. 

Who would have thought we could have so much fun with a cup of beans?

What we did today was pour beans from one cup to another.  Greyson was actually much more interested in playing with the beans and pouring them all over the floor, but he did the pouring a few times and was proud of himself for doing it. 

I love these games that use household object and teach skills that he will use in his daily life soon.  Greyson is much more interested in these types of activities over mindlessly playing with his toys.  Montessori-type activies also great things to do when it's freezing outside like it has been in New York for the past week.

Reality is, the beans are going to get everywhere when you are working with an 18-month old!

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