Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Best (Well, Only) Winter Survival Tip I've Come Up with This Year

The Big Baggu (found the photo here).  The thing is huge.

Having a giant bag to stuff your family's coats, scarves, gloves, hats and stuff into when you go out works wonders.  Wonders!  A giant $12 nylon bag is the idea I'm excited to share with the Internet today.  That is my contribution.

There are three of us, so when we go to a restaurant and take off all of our stuff, there's about 15 pieces of clothing and accessories to keep track of (not to count the snack cups, crayons, etc.).  It's boring looking around wondering where you're going to stack your pile of crap and then making sure to stuff gloves into pockets and hope you don't lose them.  Then you hope the hats don't end up dragging under the chair legs by the end of the meal.  Then you hope you don't lose your favorite scarf.

What we do now is stuff everything into one bag, so it's in one place.  And it's mindless and easy.  We get into a restaurant, theater, wherever and it's like, let's stuff the bag.

The bag I recommend is the big Baggu.  It's HUGE and lightweight and holds up to 50 pounds of stuff.  I always keep it in my purse now.  Oh and if you have any doubt, it will hold two big NYC style winter coats and everything else on your person.  I promise you that.  Here it is in action holding all of our paraphernalia at an Elmo show we went to.  I just slid the whole bag under my seat during the show.  Done!

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