Friday, March 1, 2013

What the Museum of Modern Art Taught Me About The "Art" of Fire Safety

My heart squeezes and my eyes well up every time I think about the three girls and their grandparents who died in the Connecticut house fire on Christmas morning in 2011.  And when I hear a news report about a fire where people couldn't escape, it's maddening.

So, I was surprised I hadn't thought about getting a fire escape ladder for our third floor apartment until I saw one exhibited in the Architecture and Design area at MoMA.  Didn't I learn about escape ladders in my 5th grade fire safety certification class?  Is stop, drop and roll all I walked away with?

I definitely don't want to be this guy if a fire ever breaks out.  So, today I ordered a piece of art (as well as this fire extinguisher) that may also save our lives if, God forbid, a fire ever breaks out in our apartment.  I feel better just having ordered the ladder.  But our 20-month old son better not use it to sneak out to go clubbing or I'll be pissed.

If you're thinking about getting one of these, the X-IT fire escape ladder is a few bucks less to get it on the manufacturer's site than Amazon.  News you can use!

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