Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oooh, Baby, Baby! Drip-Free Push Up Popsicle Fun in The Sun

When I saw these silicone push pop molds at a Cook's Companion in Brooklyn Heights, I thought they might be a good solution for times I want a break from the ice cream truck on the playgrounds.  We have regular popsicle molds at home, but I thought the push pop style (vs. the traditional popsicle style) might be less messy for Greyson and more portable.  The molds also reminded me of the old Push Ups ice creams that I used to love.  The salesperson at the store said that the feedback on the molds has been great and that people love them, so I bought four molds at $3 each on a whim.

I made a batch of pops by adding greek yogurt and sugar to smoothie leftovers we had for breakfast one day.  Then I put the molds through a rigorous stroller and playground test.

The molds need to be kept upright as they freeze since the lids aren't airtight
A regular popsicle would have been dripping all over the stroller, but the push pop molds were drip free.

Here's what happened at the playground test.

What Do New York City Families Do on Weekends?

The new soccer fields at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 5 has gorgeous views of downtown Manhattan.  Great sunset viewing!

Once in a while we have chill weekends where we stick close to home, go to the park, eat in the neighborhood or cook big meals, and not do too much but spend quality time together and run a few errands, but our favorite weekends in New York City are the ones where we're out and about, exploring and enjoying the weather and everything the city has to offer.

Sometimes I think about what people who live elsewhere do on weekends.  When we go to the suburbs, I really wonder what people do.  And as we plan our trip to Paris, I wonder what families there do for fun.  So, I thought I'd do a post on exactly how one particular New York City family spent this past weekend. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Touch is Never Enough! Touch-A-Truck Brooklyn Reviewed

All of my son's vehicular dreams came true on Saturday.  He had his way with his favorite vehicles, including a fire truck, tow truck, school bus, garbage truck and a bulldozer, all thanks to Touch-A-Truck.

P.S. 295 in Park Slope hosts Touch-A-Truck Brooklyn once a year to raise money for the school.  At the half-day event, kids can check out every vehicle under the sun.  They sit in the driver's seat, push the buttons, play with the steering wheel, etc.  2013 was the third year they've had the event and I'm glad we went.

Here's how the event went down!