Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Do New York City Families Do on Weekends?

The new soccer fields at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 5 has gorgeous views of downtown Manhattan.  Great sunset viewing!

Once in a while we have chill weekends where we stick close to home, go to the park, eat in the neighborhood or cook big meals, and not do too much but spend quality time together and run a few errands, but our favorite weekends in New York City are the ones where we're out and about, exploring and enjoying the weather and everything the city has to offer.

Sometimes I think about what people who live elsewhere do on weekends.  When we go to the suburbs, I really wonder what people do.  And as we plan our trip to Paris, I wonder what families there do for fun.  So, I thought I'd do a post on exactly how one particular New York City family spent this past weekend. 

Saturday, May 4:
7:00 am:  Made apple muffins, ate them for breakfast, read the newspaper, drank coffee, put on running clothes
10:30 am:  Took the subway a few stops to Costco to pick up some allergy medicine
11:00 am:  Ran from Costco with Greyson in the stroller to Touch-A-Truck
Noon to 2 pm:  Touched every cool vehicle in existence, had lunch from the Kimchi Taco food truck
2 to 4:30:  Put Greyson down for a nap and took a nap ourselves, then fed Greyson lunch
4:30 to 8:  Walked the mile or so to go to Best Buy to buy a photo uploader thingy for our ipad.  Stumbled upon pre-playoffs festivities for the Brooklyn Nets Basketball team at Barclays Center and hung out there for a while.  Got our stuff at Best Buy and walked back home.
8:00:  Put together a quick dinner of Trader Joe's artichoke ravioli and pesto with Trader Joe's vegetarian sausage, and a caprese salad.
9:00  Put Greyson down for the night and read some Paris guidebooks

Sunday, May 5:
7:00 am:  Made sugar cookies as I've been wanting to use the penguin cookie cutter I bought for someone in my family who loves penguins
8:00:  Had a breakfast of oatmeal, muffins from the day before and smoothies
9:45:  Went for a run in Prospect Park with Greyson in the stroller.  Our plan was to run to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to check out the cherry blossoms.
10:30:  Ran by the carousels and thought it'd be fun for Greyson to go to this one for the first time, but it was closed for a private event.  How come this carousel is never open when we swing by?  Saw the zoo entrance and thought we might as well stop by to see the barn animals.  We're members, so it's easy to pop in for 30 minutes and leave.
11:45:  The Botanic Garden is gorgeous!  There are lilacs, azaleas and cherry blossoms everywhere!!!  The tulips are starting to go, but that's ok.
1:00 pm:  Decide to leave and go by the greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza, but it's the days of the monthly food truck rally, so we just run home.
1:45:  Make shredded beef burritos and say it's for Cinco de Mayo.  Put Greyson down for a nap and we shower.  Feed Greyson when he wakes up.
5:00 to 8:00:  Go to the newest areas of the Brooklyn Bridge Park by taking the B63 bus, which goes right to the park.  We have the best time in the playgrounds and walk around the piers and watch the sunset.  Take the bus back home and eat some Trader Joe's pizza.  Put Greyson down.

What does your family like to do on weekends?

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