Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Add Some Charm To Your Planters With DIY Dirt Sticks

I always wanted to have an herb garden, but I didn't have outdoor space as an adult until we moved into this apartment last June.  Picking herbs from it for meals is really satisfying.  It's fun and it takes you out of the city for a moment.

The first day of our first herb garden ever
We made our own planter sticks for our two little window boxes.  Not because we will forget what the plants are, but to add a little charm to the space.

Here's how you can make your own!

Here's how to make your own planter sticks:

-Buy a package of the larger size popsicle sticks (or the smaller ones, if you prefer)
-Make slits into a cardboard box (enough for the number of sticks you want to make) and stick the sticks in and inch or so.
-Paint the top part of the sticks black (...or whatever color you like...we thought black looked modern).  Don't worry about painting the bottom inch because it will be stuck in the dirt.

-When the paint dries, label the sticks with white paint pens.

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