Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eye Candy In NYC: Outdoor Graffiti Gallery in Bushwick is Worth a Visit

Photo credit:  Brother Jimmy

When I read about a section of Bushwick, Brooklyn, that's become an organized graffiti zone, I wanted to check it out.  This New York Times article said that "more than 50 multicolored murals have transformed a swath of nearby buildings into a vast outdoor gallery called the Bushwick Collective, anchored at the intersection of Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue."

Photo credit:  Brother Jimmy

To get there, take the L train to Jefferson stop in Brooklyn.  You just sort of wander around that area and you'll run into the murals.

We ended up doing a family photo shoot and I took some pictures of my brother and his fiancĂ©e as sort of informal engagement shots.  There are so many huge murals that they made for really fun photo backdrops.

More pics from our photo shoot in Bushwick.

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