Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eye Candy In NYC: Outdoor Graffiti Gallery in Bushwick is Worth a Visit

Photo credit:  Brother Jimmy

When I read about a section of Bushwick, Brooklyn, that's become an organized graffiti zone, I wanted to check it out.  This New York Times article said that "more than 50 multicolored murals have transformed a swath of nearby buildings into a vast outdoor gallery called the Bushwick Collective, anchored at the intersection of Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue."

Photo credit:  Brother Jimmy

To get there, take the L train to Jefferson stop in Brooklyn.  You just sort of wander around that area and you'll run into the murals.

We ended up doing a family photo shoot and I took some pictures of my brother and his fiancée as sort of informal engagement shots.  There are so many huge murals that they made for really fun photo backdrops.

More pics from our photo shoot in Bushwick.

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