Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's Almost July, The Perfect Time for Buying Winter Wool Essentials on Sale

Our second baby is due to be born on September 21, so I've started thinking about cold weather wear even as my pregnant thighs stick together with sweat.

Since Greyson was born on July 1, we don't have any small winter hand-me downs for our future daughter.  I've talked about wool in several posts on this blog.  I have serious issues with the fact that we live in a cold city, yet wool for children is very hard to find.  I challenge you to find cute wool socks for babies and toddlers (and Smartwool doesn't count because they're not cute, but I buy them because there are so few other choices).  That's my wool June!

Things I love include wool, stripes, quality and sales, so when I got one of those take an extra "20% off sale stuff!" from Polarn O. Pyret, I filled up my shopping cart for stuff for Greyson and his little sister.   Polarn O. Pyret is stripe-central, so if you're not a fan of stripes, do not enter.  A lot of the items I bought are wool, which is why the stuff is on sale now, in the middle of summer.
Sleep sack, wool onesie, wool long johns, sweater romper.  Good thing I like red and stripes.

Read on to see the rest of the Polarn O. Pyret loot, for toddlers, men and women.

 Our daughter is going to be set for winter!

So excited to enter the world of cute bloomers
We have no long-sleeved newborn stuff since Greyson was born in July

Sleep sacks are essential for newborn diaper changes in a daze

I got some stuff for Greyson, too.  Something I loved having the past two winters is a wool zip up sweater.  It's so convenient when it zips because it's hot as soon as you go inside somewhere and it's a pain to pull something over his head every time you have to take off or put on a sweater.  Plus, sometimes you just want the option of leaving the sweater on but leaving it unzipped.

Goodies for my almost-2 year old

Chunky grandma knit sweater and trapper hat

Wool zip up sweater

Thick velour pajamas

Rob got some of these.  Not as fun as the baby stuff.

 I got an over-sized long-sleeved t-shirt to get me through the whole pregnancy.

If you're looking for a one-stop stripes-shop, Polarn O. Pyret is for you.  It's worth signing up for their emails for sale notices.

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