Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Me Arms Are Tired: A Gallon of Milk Weighs 8.6 Pounds, So Now I Decant

I've bought more milk in the past year than I've ever bought in my life.  Greyson was weened off breast milk at 14 months (he's 23 months now), so I've been buying tons of milk ever since.  Now, he only drinks 18 ounces of milk a day, at most, but that still means I'm lugging a gallon of milk up two flights of stairs each week and pouring from an 8.6 lb. bottle.

I started decanting the milk into a smaller bottle recently.  I like the old-fashioned glass bottles from Trickling Springs and Ronnybrook (I like their milk, too, but I've never seen gallon sizes).  Not only is the decanted milk easier on my arms, it looks nicer.  Real purty!

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