Sunday, June 9, 2013

Teach Your Toddler the Alphabet with Customized Flashcards

Greyson, who's 23 months, has been learning a lot of letters just from certain things he sees often, sometimes every day around where we live in Brooklyn.  For instance, we go to the YMCA, we ride the F and G subway lines, he takes DHA vitamins and sees the UPS truck all the time. 

I thought it'd be fun for Greyson to have flash cards of those signs he sees, so he can continue to learn his letters.  We don't have the whole alphabet covered yet, but it's amazing how many letters he has picked up just from the constant reinforcement.

If you want to make your own cards, here are the easy steps.

Step 1:  Figure out what signs you see often and put them down on a list.  I tried to think through the whole alphabet.

Step 2:  Google image search the images and save all the images in a folder

Step 3:  Paste the images onto a document, like four per page.  I didn't make the cards uniform sizes, but you could do that if you want the card size to be the same.

Step 4:  Cut out the individual images

Step 5:  Go to a copy shop where they have lamination services.  The place we went to had 11" x 17" ($5.00) pre-cut sheets and 8.5" x 11"($3.00) pre-cut lamination sheets.  We ended up using one of each size for the number of cards we had.  I was pleased that the sheets laminated up heavy duty weight, not flimsy at all.  After we got the cards laminated, which was on the spot, we cut the cards out, rounded the corners of and punched holes in each of the cards while we were at the copy shop.

Greyson really likes the cards a lot.  I think he likes seeing all the familiar signs all in one place.  With a hole punched through the cards, we can keep all of the cards together and hang it on the stroller, too.  I'm sort of excited about the idea!

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