Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Perfect Shirt

I'm a fan of what my husband calls "uniforms," pieces of clothing that I love so much that I wear them all the time.  In the winter, I have a few cashmere sweater uniforms.  Each summer, I like to get a white dress that becomes a uniform.  Now, I have a shirt uniform.

I made a mental bookmark about Equipment shirts when I saw this post on Garance Doré's blog a couple years ago.  I had remembered the brand Equipment, but I'm sure I was busy buying flannel shirts to tie around my waist at thrift stores when Equipment shirts were cool.

When the Equipment store finally opened in Soho this January, I went knowing I'd probably end up getting a shirt.  I got a black one and fell in love.  The shirts are soft, oversized and comfy, yet they look polished, put-together and well-made.  In my book, those are the best combination of clothing characteristics.

When I bought the shirt, the salesperson asked if I wanted to be on their mailing list for a birthday discount.  I said yes.  It ended up being a $50 off gift card, so get on their mailing list if you go to one of their stores (or you could probably just call and get on the list).

And guess which birthday girl just got another Equipment shirt from her husband?  A white silk shirt (the one I got is called "natural white") is very high maintenance, but I really like the look of a nice white shirt.  I also want to start my collection of Equipment shirts with basic colors and expand from there.  I'll just be extra careful.

Anyway, I'll just wash the shirt in the machine on cold.  When I got my first Equipment shirt, I told the salesgirl that I wasn't into drycleaning shirts and she said that she just puts them in the laundry on gentle/cold.  That was a big selling point for me.  This time when I got another shirt, the person who was helping me said that she only dry cleans her shirts because that's what the tag says to do.  I'm not big on doing what the tag says to do just because that's what the tag says to do.  For me, cold washing the Equipment shirts in the machine has been great.

If you're interested in buying quality shirts that look great with everything, that you can dress up or down, and that come in a ton of pretty colors, I'd definitely check out the signature shirt in silk at Equipment.  They have them for women and now men.

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