Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bathing Suit for Two: The Best Non-Maternity Maternity Bathing Suit on the Market

I always break a sweat in the fitting room when I'm bathing suit shopping.  The fitting rooms are always so hot and then you're trying to unfurl spandex over your body in a tiny space.  Bathing suit shopping and jean shopping are my least favorite things to shop for because you have to try on 100 things in a tiny room to find maybe one that you like. 

But, maternity bathing suit shopping was easy because I found one suit online, tried it on at home and it was perfect.  I've worn the same suit for both pregnancies and even in between.  The suit I found has a lot of stretch and ruching on the sides, so it really fits a wide range of sizes without distorting.  When I was planning a trip to Miami for when I was 22 weeks pregnant with Greyson in 2011, I saw that my friend Steph had a cute retro polka-dotted maillot and I thought it might work as a maternity bathing suit.

I was right!  And with a few clicks, I was ready for fun in the sun in Miami for our babymoon.

Since the company I got the bathing suit from had (and still has) a flexible return policy, I bought the suit in a bunch of sizes and colors to try on.  It was a guessing game trying to figure out what size I should buy, but I ended up going four sizes up from a 6 (when not pregnant) to a 14.  That worked out well for me.  I've comfortably worn the suit through all stages of my pregnancy.
The red was a little to Minnie Mouse for me

I take it as a good sign that the company still sells the same bathing suit today.  It's a classic shape and the quality is great.

Here's the suit and where to get it.  Also, here's what it looks like on me at 22 weeks and 30 weeks.

The bathing suit I love for maternity and non-maternity is the Esther Williams Beach Blanket Bingo One-Piece in soft black.  The picture on the site makes the bathing suit look black-black, but it's definitely a faded/muted black.

At 22 weeks pregnant with Greyson in March 2011
At 30 weeks pregnant with Baby No. 2 in July 2013
Let me save you the work of sweating in a fitting room!  I would highly recommend this bathing suit if you're shopping for a bathing suit or maternity bathing suit.  It's a classic print and shape that always seems to work.

Or you can wear a bikini and let your beautiful belly hang out and feel the breeze

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