Thursday, July 11, 2013

Know Before You Go: Read This Before Going to Storm King Art Center with Babies or Toddlers

Us frolicking with Alexander Calder: "Black Flag" 1974, Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, New York

It's definitely different ballgame going to Storm King with a kid vs. without. We picked a really hot day for Greyson's first jaunt to Storm King, but we were going to be in the area with a Zipcar for the day anyway, and thought Greyson would have fun running around the sculpture park, so we went for it.  Rob and I had been to Storm King before, too, so we didn't feel like we had to spend hours seeing everything again.

I could have planned a little better for our trip in the heat!  Here are the things you really don't want to forget if you're going to Storm King with babies or toddlers!

Storm King Essentials with Babies/Toddlers:

1.  Hats.  There isn't that much shade at the sculpture park.
2.  Sunscreen.  There isn't that much shade at the sculpture park.
3.  Camera
4.  Snacks
5.  Water.  (There are water fountains near a parking lot/the visitor's center, where you can fill up)
6.  A blanket to cover your kid's legs in/cover the stroller in for extra shade.  We didn't have that and Greyson's legs would have burned if we didn't keep reapplying sunscreen.  We used Rob's shirt, which he had taken off since it was so hot, to cover the stroller some.
7.  A regular stroller, not a travel/umbrella stroller.  I'm glad we had read through Storm King's website, which made this suggestion.  The grounds are, at times, very hilly and in other parts, gravelly.  We would have gotten stuck with an umbrella stroller or had to work extraordinarily hard to move it.
8.  A mini cooler.  This is something we had in the car, but didn't bring with us when we were walking around.  It would have been nice for keeping the water and snacks cold.
9.  If you take a Zipcar, remember that you get a discount on the admission.  We paid $12 for both of us, instead of $24 (and Greyson was free, of course

I think Storm King is a must-see if you live in New York and enjoy art!  Did I miss any essentials?  Let me know in the comments!

The sun was strong on my 2-year old's legs...a lightweight muslin blanket would have been useful

Our umbrella stroller never would have made it. Glad we had our CityMini

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