Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pin This Idea! Sometimes All You Need Is A Frame To Make A Cute Little Souvenir

People used to cut themselves on the edges of the admissions pins that they used at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  That's one of the random tidbits I learned when I volunteered in the Met's Greek and Roman galleries in 2010 and 2011.  But, I liked the pins and kept a little stash of them.  I thought I'd frame them as a souvenir of my time working at the museum.  It wasn't until I heard the news about the demise of the metal pin, that I finally motivated to get them out of a ziploc bag and into a frame.

Last week, the Met stopped using the metal pins, replacing them with stickers, because of the rising cost of metal. 

Rob and I used a $14.99 frame from Ikea and some $3 gray pastel paper from the art supply store to make a cool piece to hang in our hall.  We like these types of souvenirs!

Here's how we made our Met Pin piece and what it looked like in the end.

I'm glad that Rob is an industrial designer and takes the time to do things like measure out spaces perfectly.  I would have just eyeballed the pin distance and it wouldn't have looked as nice.

We set the pins to the paper by using mounting tape behind the pin.  It was thick enough to fill the gap between the curve of the pin and the paper.  Rob mounted the pins so beautifully in the frame.  I love the gray paper he picked out.

We decided to put the piece in our hallway, which you sort of see when you enter the apartment.  It adds a bit of color and texture to an otherwise neutral space.

Framing makes things feel more special, right!  I love this piece.  It puts a smile on my face when I walk by it now.  I imagine giving it to Greyson or our daughter one day.

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