Monday, July 21, 2014

Ample Hills Creamery's New Gowanus Location: Two Udders Up!

This ice cream shop is around the corner from my son's school.  We're in TROUBLE.
My sone high on the Gowanus flavor ice cream.  I think he likes it.
Ample Hills Creamery:  Where the ice cream flowers bloom

Something that seriously excites me is when a real food establishment opens up in our neighborhood.  By real food, I mean food that doesn't have an ingredients list that looks like this.  I want to learn more about Ample Hills ingredients (do they use any likely GMO ingredients for their flavors?  Any stabilizers or emulsifiers?), but based on what I know so far, they are a delicious real food choice for a sweet treat.  Here's what their site says:

At Ample Hills, we handcraft our ice cream in small batches, using fresh, local, all-natural milk, cream and eggs. In fact, our dairy and eggs are so fresh, they were inside hormone-free, grass-fed, happy cows and chickens just a few days before we churned them into ice cream.

 Ample Hills Creamery
305 Nevins St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(347) 725-4061

Sun - Thurs: Noon to 11pm
Fri & Sat: Noon to 12am

Click on for many pictures of the Ample Hills Gowanus space.

You are here.

Cone meets face

The roof deck

Peppermint pattie:  Yes.

Ice cream propaganda.

Roomy downstairs.  Mama likes.  There's also changing tables in the bathroom downstairs and upstairs.  Plus, both bathrooms are big enough to wheel a stroller into.  Major mom points.

I appreciate the transparency of a kitchen you are welcomed to look into

One of two sets of stairs to/from the roof deck and extra seating/party space

Tools for ice cream server training

Flavors, prices


  1. Ample Hills added stabilizers to their ice cream (without telling the public) ever since they started nationwide shipping, including inflammation inducing carrageenan.

    Stick to Davey's and Hay Rosie instead.

    1. Are stabilizers used in the ice cream made and sold in the New York stores or ice creams that they sell from the online shop?

    2. According to the manager of their Gowanus shop, ALL of their ice cream now contains the stabilizers. It was also very sneaky how they added it without telling the public. I had been a customer since they had only one store, and the biggest reason why, was because their ice cream did not contain carrageenan. It's very unfortunate that they felt like they had to resort to using it, especially when there are other brands out there that ship ice cream without it.

      I wish more people would call them out on it, but people just don't know. You seem to care, so I thought I'd let you know.

    3. Yeah, I started making my own almond milk when I was made aware of carrageenan last year.