Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A-maze your friends and neighbors with interactive sidewalk chalk art

Our apartment overlooks a sidewalk and I've thought it would be fun if to influence how people walk through the space and how they experience the space.  One day when my 3 year old and I wanted to get out the house, we drew a chalk path on a small stretch of the sidewalk.

As we created the path, some people walked through the path with a grin and others even with a thank you.  It actually felt powerful to put a smile on someone's face with something so simple in an environment where most people just ignore each other.

Other people weren't sure if it was ok to walk on the chalk and yet others were too cool for school and didn't want anything to do with the path, which was fine, too.  It was just a little wink on a piece of sidewalk.  You could take it or leave it. 

I didn't look to see if any people did the maze when my son and I were done and back home.  The next morning, though, when I poked my head out to see if the maze was still there,  I saw a young guy who was alone and he walked through the maze with some spring in his step.  That was fun to see.

It rained an hour later and our canvas was wiped clean for our next project.

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