Saturday, October 31, 2015

DIY Spooky Spider Sculptures Inspired by Louise Bourgeois

Artsy fartsy Halloween crafting idea that uses electrical wire and electrical's electric!

Reference shot: A Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture.  Ours wasn't this big.

Get the thicker stuff if you want it to stand up.  Our version is a table top style and we used about 10 feet of it.

Electrical tape was used to make the lumpy thorax and the "joints" and lumps on the spider.  Wrap with abandon!

Shaping the spider legs (but put tape on the ends of the wire's pokey!)

We wrapped the four pieces of wire with a lighter weight wire to bind the legs together.

Electrical tape was wrapped around the center wire

Use lots of electrical tape all over the legs.  You don't have to be neat...the spider can have a rough look

My kid never gets tired of tape, so this was a fun project for him.

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