Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to make a wearable car costume with built-in candy compartment

Now he can say we gave him a car when he was 4.

My husband knows how to make a kid's costume dreams come true.  My son really wanted to be Renault Duster, an SUV that he learned about when we visited Cartagena, Colombia a few months ago. Rob made the car look like a Duster by adding the brand name and logo, but this costume can be made to look like any car, train or even a tractor with different color tape.  My son also helped make the costume by adding black tape to paper plates to make the tires.  He was part of the process, which made it a fun father-son activity.

The SUV costume was made out of stuff that we already had at home: two cardboard boxes, masking tape, foil-backed tape (used for laundry duct work), paper plates and brass fasteners.  

Check out the step-by-step photo-tutorial here!

Reference picture

Pampers box and a humidifier box taped together with packing tape

Paper plates with black masking tape applied by my son. Brass fasteners attach to the box.

The built-in candy holder is a special feature that doesn't come with the base model.

Matching blue jacket, a happy accident

More colorful masking tape for the rear.  The windows are black tape with white paint pen reflection marks.

We told our son that kids eat grapes, not candy, on Halloween and he was cool with that.  Not!

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