Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Another reason to visit the High Line Park: Pershing Square Beams

Creative outdoor play space for kids at the newest, northernmost section of the High Line

The part of the High Line that just opened up in September 2014 has a fantastic play space for kids.  The outdoor space redefines "playground" in the same way the High Line redefined "park."  The Pershing Square Beams are modern, designed with the space's environment in mind and built to last.

The beams, which you can walk on top of, under and around allow kids to explore space, levels, textures and sounds.  It's such a creative playground and I wish we had more innovative outdoor spaces for kids like this around the city.

Another reason to visit this part of the High Line is to check out the new Hudson Yards subway stop.  Only New Yorkers might be interested in the fact that there's a new subway station, but the station itself is worth checking out (see below) as are the park areas around the outside of the subway stop.

In awe of the ceiling at the new Hudson Yards subway stop

There's a great little park near the Hudson Yards subway stop (pictured in the background by all the cranes)

The newest part of the Highline, which is still being finished in parts, is the most industrial

I have to take my 4-year old to this playground.  He was at the theater on the day my 2-year old and I visited.

Pershing Square Beams

Couldn't figure out how this periscope (?) worked


After we walked the whole length of the High Line from top to bottom, we got pizza at the Gansevoort Market near the southern exit of the High Line. 

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