Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let's be frank...Stella Retrospective at the Whitney is great for kids

Color, scale, 4 and 2 year old loved the Frank Stella exhibit, which just opened at the Whitney

This was a great exhibit for our toddlers because Frank Stella's work really engages the eyes and mind with dynamic lines, saturated colors and shapes that jump out at you.

Whenever we visit a museum (or do any special activity, for that matter), we try to come up with an idea that we can do ourselves in order to remember the activity and bring it to life in our own way.  

Some of the ideas we want to try

This blog post is a photo review of the exhibit from the perspective of things that could be fun to translate at home.

Some of the things we thought of doing after seeing the exhibit:

Cut out foam core in the shape of your canvas.  Use masking tapes to make your lines.  Paint, let dry, remove masking tape!  

(More ideas after the jump)

Get aluminum mesh and attach painted cardboard shapes

Go nuts with colorful wire and bits from the tool box

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