Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Charleston, SC with Kids: Highly recommend going for a long weekend getaway

Wandering the historic district and stopping to smell the roses
We saw a great deal on JetBlue and decided to go in mid-September before school started.  It was still pretty hot when we went, but usually fall is a great time to visit the South since the humidity and heat are gone.

Charleston's got a food scene, history, beauty, nice weather much of the year and it's a very cute, sweet city.  It was great with the kids.  Highly recommend!

Here's our photo review...

Arthur Ravenel Bridge: geometric and stunning!

Love seeing old courtyards.  Feels tres European

Super cute inn that we stayed at one night.  It was right in the middle of the historic district and next to Husk

Courtyard of the Elliott House Inn, where we stayed one night

Our Elliott House Inn room looked out at Husk.  No lines yet...run!

Husk was THE restaurant I wanted to try in Charleston.  Shrimp and Grits, bacony cornbread, local IPA...all thumbs up

Still don't know how to use the joggling board. This one was at Husk, but they're all over town

Riding the free trolley to get the lay of the land in the historic district

Spanish Moss

Jumping around Charleston's Waterfront Park

Strolling around here makes you want a sweet tea

The marshes of Charleston's waterfront

Love that the water features all encourage you to wade in

Black Tap Coffee right outside the historic district...got that New York vibe going on

The airbnb we rented had a fenced-in backyard and a pecan tree

This was a good airbnb house!
Here's where we stayed for our other two nights in Charleston.  It was nice to stay in the historic district as well as in the cute Brooklyn-ish area where the airbnb house was.

Pecans from the pecan tree

Super cute Hazel Parker playground gave our kids a break to run around.  In the historic district.

Leon's was great for lunch!

Sugar Bakery.  Yas, queen.

Indigo & Cotton men's store.  Are we in New York?

Tiny scene of independent shops, but you can see it's growing

Another joggling board.  How do you use this thing?

Hominy Grill...Oh, yes.

How this New Yorker thinks you're supposed to eat hush puppies
Tried to take it on the plane home, but was denied.  Oh, well.

Reminds me of the summer camp I went to in Asheville, North Carolina

Charleston:  Not exactly Compton

clip clop

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