Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weave be jammin': how to create gentle NYC street art

Usually, New York City street art means graffiti.  Sometimes, space invaders.  You usually don't think weavings when you think street art.  

But, I saw some weavings in a Brooklyn park and they made me want to make my own version and put them on the street.  The above weavings were made by my friend and I (mine's on the left). 

I haven't woven (is that the word?) since, oh, the 4th grade.  Based on my memory of how to weave, I improvised a little system using tape and a tray.  You can google all sorts of helpful weaving tutorials, though.

Wine and weaving night...or should I say wine and weave-ening...was a blast.  Making stuff and putting it on the street is surprisingly satisfying.  I highly recommend trying it yourself and/or with your kids.

Wine and weaving, a nice combination!

Taking our work to the streets

Adding a little surprise to the street was fun

I spied a class of elementary school students enjoying our weavings outside my window.  How fun!
So, the weavings that I saw hung in a neighborhood park, which inspired our weavings, were made by students at Textile Arts Center last summer, in a class taught by artist Neil Goss.  Thank you, Neil, for inspiring creativity. These are Neil's students' weavings that made me want to do my own version:

Suddenly, weavings seemed to be everywhere.  Shortly after we made our street weavings, the friend I made a weaving with sent me this picture from Colson Patisserie, also in our neighborhood.

Weavings displayed at Colson Patisserie after my friend and I made ours (photo by Elena)

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