Sunday, August 21, 2016

How to make a design magazine-worthy stool/table with $5 and an hour of your time

With $5 dollars in materials, a 5 year old and a 5 gallon bucket you can make this cool stool.

Written by Rob:

We wanted a small table/plant stand for our small balcony.  Our style is somewhat minimalist and we found options like this $250 side table from CB2 and this $250 Marcel Wanders stool as we shopped around online.  Then, we wondered if could make something cool ourselves.  We stumbled upon the "bucket stool" diy project online and the stool fit the bill.  We like the stool, which can be used indoors or outdoors and is compact.  Here's how to make it with our tips and lessons learned.

STEP 1:  Get the materials from any hardware store
-1 five gallon cylindrical bucket
-3, 16-inch long wooden dowels (~ø1.5")
-3 plumbing caps to fit dowels (optional)
-1 wire coat hanger
-1 bag of cement

STEP 2:  Get the tools
-1 marker
-1 five year old helper
-3 (or 6) clamps
-1 wooden stirring stick
-1 drill
-2 bandanas (optional)
-1 Tarp (optional)

STEP 3:  Make the legs
-Make a mark at the top of each dowel
-Drill a hole through the marks of the dowels
-Lace the coat hanger through all the dowels.  This optional step will secure the legs.
-Have the dowels taper up in a triangle formation
-Test to see if it is at a good height

STEP 4:  Fill bucket with cement
-Make a line with a marker in the bucket at 3 inches deep
-Fill the bucket with dry cement to the line
-Gradually add H2O while mixing
-Mix water and cement to a smoothie consistencey
-Keep mixing.  This is the hardest part

STEP 5:  Tap, tap, tap the bubbles out of the mixture
-Tap around the sides
-Tap around the bottom
-Tap some more
-Keep tapping
-When you think you're done tap for another minute

STEP 6: Stick in the legs
-Place the legs into the center
-Submerge the end about 1.5" deep
-Place the legs ends equidistant apart
-Use clamps or duct tape to secure the legs into position

Step 7: Wait, wait, wait
-After one day wait some more
-After a day and a half, wait
-After 48 hours it should be done

STEP 8: Time to unveil
-Stretch the edge of the bucket in multiple directions
-Tap the bottom
-Turn upside-down
-Pull up the bucket (may require some force)

STEP 9: Clean up time
-Scrape or sand the bottom edge of the cement (which is now the bottom of the stool)
-Sweep up cement crumbs
-Clean up your workspace

STEP 10: Stool time
-Sit on it
-Use it as an ottoman
-Place objects on it

This project was inspired by Homemade Modern's original bucket stool. See this link for more info.

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