Sunday, October 23, 2016

DIY Graphic and Modern Halloween Decorations for People Who Don't Like Halloween Decorations

After having kids, I started to enjoy decorating the apartment for seasonal events.  For this Halloween, we decorated our place with a graphic and modern style with materials we already had, minus the mini pumpkins.

First, I made a cloud of bats in four sizes with black card stock.  I found a bat template online and tweaked that template for a half sheet, a full sheet and two sheets taped together with black masking tape. I thought the variety of sizes would make the cloud feel more dynamic.  You don't have to have a could just "wing it."  (Ha!) That's what I did for the tiniest of bats I made...I just made the general shape of the bat.  To attach the bats to the wall, I used black masking tape and only tape down one bat wing so there was a 3D effect.  The other bat wing came off the wall, creating movement and cool shadows.  I also put some of the bat cloud in the foreground and some bats on a back wall for dimension.  Batty, right?

Leave the crease and stick just one wing on the wall for dimension and movement.
You can put the bats near a mirror.  More bats for your money.