Sunday, October 23, 2016

DIY Graphic and Modern Halloween Decorations for People Who Don't Like Halloween Decorations

After having kids, I started to enjoy decorating the apartment for seasonal events.  For this Halloween, we decorated our place with a graphic and modern style with materials we already had, minus the mini pumpkins.

First, I made a cloud of bats in four sizes with black card stock.  I found a bat template online and tweaked that template for a half sheet, a full sheet and two sheets taped together with black masking tape. I thought the variety of sizes would make the cloud feel more dynamic.  You don't have to have a could just "wing it."  (Ha!) That's what I did for the tiniest of bats I made...I just made the general shape of the bat.  To attach the bats to the wall, I used black masking tape and only tape down one bat wing so there was a 3D effect.  The other bat wing came off the wall, creating movement and cool shadows.  I also put some of the bat cloud in the foreground and some bats on a back wall for dimension.  Batty, right?

Leave the crease and stick just one wing on the wall for dimension and movement.
You can put the bats near a mirror.  More bats for your money.

I also painted pumpkins in the style of Yayoi Kusama.  I used a black paint pen to make the dots.  These pumpkins currently live on an orange runner on our dining table, but I think they look good in a  bowl, too.

I'm a fan of using materials we have, so I was looking at our letterboard wondering what we could do with it for Halloween.  I often think of menus when I see letterboards, so I thought it'd be funny to come up with an imaginary menu for ghouls and goblins.  Our whole family had fun coming up with ideas.  My favorite is one my husband came up with:  Soup Boo Jour.  So good.

After you decorate, you also have yourself a little photo backdrop for your costumes.

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