Sunday, October 29, 2017

Go as a Superhero: How to Dress up as the Neighborhood Icee Lady

Throwing it back to Halloween 2016 when my daughter dressed up as one of her heroes, the neighborhood Icee Lady.  People in our Brooklyn neighborhood unexpectedly were crazy-happy to see this costume.

How did we make the cart?  My husband zip tied a cardboard box around a doll stroller and made the top of the box flap open.  Inside, we set in another cardboard box to make an inner containter for the pretend Icees.  Details are everything!

We used Rapid Resizer to create the stencil pattern.  After printing, I exacto'd out the letters.

 We used stamp pads to tap the color onto the Icee Cart.

We printed out a copy of the Marino's Italian Ices sign and taped on a box of ice cream cones.

We test drove the Icee cart around the apartment.

 After adding a hand bell to the Icee Cart and putting on a fanny pack, we were ready to roll.

People went legit nuts over the costume.  The joy was awesome to see and made Halloween even more fun for our family.  Kids and adults alike were down with our Park Slope Icee Lady.  One woman gave Char a dollar for her tissue paper Icee.  

That was the most fun Halloween night out we've had as a family.  Good times!

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